Pickup Players*- D Division

Myra Stitt - Catcher- PICKED UP

Brent White - Outfield, Pitcher, 3rd base- PICKED UP

Bradley Patterson-Rains - Pitcher, 2nd base, 3rd base - PICKED UP

Chris Eanes - Outfield - PICKED UP

Paris Wilson - Pitcher - PICKED UP

Dawn Haley - 2nd base - PICKED UP

Jaleel Reaves - 1st base, Catcher, 3rd base - PICKED UP

Jedidiah Smith - 1st base, Catcher, 3rd base, Pitcher - PICKED UP

Jared Stone - Outfield - PICKED UP

Gustavo Garcia - Pitcher, Catcher - PICKED UP

Amanda Tuck Vizi - 2nd base, 3rd base - PICKED UP

Michael Rodriguez - Catcher - PICKED UP

James Thompson - Shortstop, 3rd base, Pitcher - PICKED UP

* If you are interested in picking up one of the free agents, please email QueenCityClassic@CarolinaPiedmontSoftball.org for their contact info